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STEM powered by Capitalism created western empire - its large scale habitation of the hostile unstable weather in the New World discovered 500 years ago. STEMC deployed global resources - people, knowledge, technology, talent, energy, minerals, metals, et al -- to develop this New World in a habitable continent. It is bit like space station above, all man made. STEMC is essential to existence of western civilization. Air, food, water, clothing, shelter are grown, manufactured, stored and distributed all across US with STEM. Next time you visit US, turn off gas and electricity lines to the town and see what happens. Do the same in Singapore. Here in India, furnace to heat air in sealed house, whole house hot water tank, hair-cloth-dish-carpet dryers, indoor meeting halls are not needed. With fresh milk, fruits, veggies available at door step (year around growing season with 2-3-4 crops vs 1 or 2 crops over most of US and Europe ), my family does not have a refrigerator. Just gas cooking stove and water heater, and fan. So India's development should respect its own nature and culture. Mr Putin is promoting multi-gen families, houses, economics; India also must. City state hubs of trade and commerce like Singapore have their own grounded development model.

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